Turntable Kit
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Turntable Kit

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The turntable kit is a rotating solution for use with both the CineShooter and Second Shooter motion control systems, adding even more versatility to these already powerful and compact workhorses. For commercial work, add some flavor to bland product shots. For wedding films, step up your detail shots during bridal prep. No matter what kind of shoot you are on, the Turntable Kit adds even more options to your arsenal.

Turntable Kit 

(1) Pan Motor 

(1) Turntable Conversion Kit pre-installed

Selected Options

Weight Capacity

50 lbs (22.6 kg) on center 

Speed (fastest):

Second Shooter Controller 360 degrees @ 4.4 seconds (2 key frame move) 

Second Shooter Plus Controller /CineShooter 360 degrees @ 3 seconds (2 key frame move)

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