Gear that malfunctions or gets damaged can be frustrating, costly and time consuming. We understand that here at Kessler and strive to make our repair process as easy and cost effective as possible. The first thing that we recommend when encountering any gear issue is to check to see if the problem that you are experiencing is something that has been addressed in our Knowledge Base.

Payment Information

Send in for Repair

Step 1
Send an e-mail in to with the following:
  • A detail description of the problem
  • Any available order information (order number, name that the order was placed under, email address used to place the order, or if you had purchased the items from a Kessler dealer please include your date of purchase)
  • Photos of how you have the equipment set up and a short video showing the issues you are experiencing
Step 2
You will receive a Repair Number

(Items returned without a Repair Number may not be processed, or may be rejected by the Receiving Department)

Step 3
Download the Repair Slip, fill out and follow instructions
Step 4
Send in item to be repaired to address listed on repair slip

Once repair items are received by Kessler, they are checked in to our repair database and our team will begin performing the diagnosis and repair as needed. Our goal is to repair items as quickly as possible. Our current turn-around time for repairs is 5-7 business days for non-electronic items, if not sooner, and 1-2 weeks for electronic items.

When the repair has been completed you will be contacted via email by a Kessler Crane representative and an invoice will be sent to you for making the payment for repairs online at your convenience.

Once the repair invoice has been paid, your repaired items will be shipped back to you and you will receive a ship notification email with your tracking information.

Repair Shipping
Shipping costs, including any international duties and taxes, are the responsibility of the Customer for both warranty and non-warranty repairs. Items may be shipped to Kessler for repair using the courier of your choice and arranging the shipment to Kessler Crane is the Customer’s responsibility.

If you are located outside of the US, you can use the following custom's code to ship it as a warranty/repair: 9801.00.1012

If Customs paperwork is not coded properly, and payment is due from Kessler when repair item is delivered, the package may be rejected by Receiving Department.

Return Shipping will be handled via Kessler Crane’s courier of choice on Kessler Crane’s account, return shipping costs will be added to the final repair invoice.

Minimum Repair Charge
All non-warranty related repairs sent into Kessler Crane are subject to a minimum $40.00 diagnosis and processing charge. This is in addition to any parts and labor charges for the repair.
Common Repair Charges
Pocket Dolly v2.0, Stealth, Bloom Cart Wheel & Bolt - 10.95/ea + labor
Pocket Dolly v2.0, Stealth, Bloom Rail Insert - 2ft - $25/ea + labor, 3ft - $30/ea + labor
CineSlider Delrin Rail - 3ft - $80/ea + labor, 5ft - $90/ea + labor
Slider Small Cart Bearings (all non-Carbon sliders) - $4.95/ea + labor
Slider End Block Flange Bearings (all Sliders) - $4.95/ea + labor

International Repair Center

If located outside of the United States and would prefer to work with an international repair center, please contact them directly to arrange for your repair.

A.F. Marcotec GmbH
Kirschberg 27 Griesheim - Germany
Phone: +49 6155/88777-66
Skype: A.F.Marcotec.GmbH


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