High Torque 500 Series Motor
High Torque 500 Series Motor
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High Torque 500 Series Motor

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The High Torque Slide Motor is compatible with both our Second Shooter and CineShooter Motion Control systems and is recommended for inclined and/or vertical slider moves with heavier camera rigs up to 50 lbs.

Note: This motor has a fixed pulley that is not interchangeable.

*Motor Mount required to mount to slider/dolly. 

1 - Second Shooter High Torque 500 Series Motor
1 - 12" CAT5 Cable
Vertical Weight Capacity: 50 lbs. with 1:1 pulley
Motor Dynamic Speed Ranges (Horizontal): 1.10"/sec
Motor Dynamic Speed Ranges (Horizontal): 2.15"/sec with Speed Doubler Pulley

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