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Virtual Production Motion Control

Unreal Engine

We've built an Unreal Engine tracker-less integration feature into kOS. Developed alongside real UE users. Requires kOS Premium.

Unreal Engine Overview


Choose from several movement modes such as timelapse, stop motion, panoramic shots, or even live events. Leverage your production by using it to create shots that you couldn’t otherwise. 


Live Motion

Event Mode



Stop Motion


Analog Control


Compositing has never been easier than with kOS. We’ve created a ton of features with visual effects in mind. Years of development and we’re still adding new features.

Repeatable Moves

CineShooter+ is a nodal head which gives it insane accuracy and repeatability; perfect for visual effects.

Same Move. Any Duration.

Play the same move at 4 seconds or even 4 months. The move will always be the same.

Audio Sync

Easily sync audio with your move with built-in visual features. 

Flash Mark/Bloop Align

Use visual or audio based marks for aligning takes for visual effects.

Interactive Graph

One of the most powerful parts of kOS. Highly editable and customizable allowing you to fine-tine your moves down to the tenth of a degree or ease transitions for the smoothest moves.

20 Keyframes per Axis

With kOS Premium you can program up to 20 keyframes per axis/motor.

Bezier Curves

Add and customize ease-ins and ease-outs to every keyframe for the smoothest moves.

Precise Positioning

Input an exact position directly for perfectly framed compositions.


Simply select one-time or continuous looping.

Bump Buttons

Useful for quickly moving your motors into the desired position.

Scrub through Move

Scrub through your move live to preview or to go to a spot on the graph instantly.


It’s no surprise here that kOS is up-to-date with technology. Connecting wirelessly and use whatever device you’d like. No proprietary controllers here.





Client Mode

Client Mode allows CineShooter+ (or Second Shooter Pro, Second Shooter Plus) and your device to connect to a location's Wi-Fi network rather than doing a direct connection to the hardware's own network. This can extend the connected range to the range of your existing network! Also, if your existing network is connected to the internet, it’ll allow for much easier multitasking. Typically, you would need to switch back and forth from the motion control network and your location's network anytime that you wanted to access the internet.


kOS is packed full of features and settings that can help in many ways. Here are a few more.

Camera Control

Control you camera’s shutter or start and stop recording.


Add an amount of time before or after the move. Or set a specific start time/date.

Multiple Tabs

Have access to more than one move at a time!

Pre & Post Roll

Program your camera to start recording before the move starts or to keep recording after the move ends.

Load & Go

Load your move so that it’s ready to start instantly whenever you want.

Save Moves

Save your move for future use!

Pre & Post Photos

Program your camera to take photos before or after your timelapse move has started or ended.

Fast Mode

This allows your motors to move at their max speed.

Quiet Mode

This automatically limits your motors to run at a low RPM and be super quiet when sound is crucial.


Kessler CineShooter+ & Second Shooter Pro support DragonFrame Stop Motion and Live Motion.

kOS Comparison

Modes/Control                                             kOS Lite [Second Shooter]kOS Premium  [Second Shooter]kOS Lite [CineShooter+]kOS Premium [CineShooter+]
Live Motion
Stop Motion
Event Mode
Analog Control PaneliPad onlyiPad onlyiPad onlyiPad only
PS4 Controller
Fast Mode
Move FeatureskOS Lite [Second Shooter]kOS Premium  [Second Shooter]kOS Lite [CineShooter+]kOS Premium [CineShooter+]
"Go To" Position
Editable Key Frames
Repeatable Moves
Keyframesup to 3 per axisup to 20 per axisup to 3 per axisup to 20 per axis
Analog/Continuous Motor Control
Tabs (Separate Moves)1Many1Many
Bezier Curves
Pre/Post Key Frame Time
Flash Mark/Bloop
Pre/Post Photos (Timelapse)
Load & Go
Camera Roll (Pre/Post)
Graph Expansion
Scrub Through Move
Camera Control (Start/Stop Record)
Camera Control (Trigger)
Auto Timelapse Calculation
Bump Buttons
Motor Configuration
Dropbox/File Save & Open
DMX Trigger Queues in MoveWindows & Mac OnlyWindows & Mac OnlyWindows & Mac OnlyWindows & Mac Only
Auto Trigger Queues in Move
Position Markers
Camera/External Switch Trigger in Move
Audio Sync
System                                                              kOS Lite [Second Shooter]kOS Premium  [Second Shooter]kOS Lite [CineShooter+]kOS Premium [CineShooter+]
# of Axes
up to 6up to 6up to 8up to 8
Client Mode (WiFi)

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