High Speed / Ultra Quiet Slide Motor
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High Speed / Ultra Quiet Slide Motor

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The High Speed/ Ultra Quiet Slide Motor is compatible with both our Second Shooter and CineShooter Motion Control systems and is built with a gearing ratio that will allow for higher speeds and Ultra Quiet operations.  However, this faster gearing ratio does result in a loss of motor torque, limiting this motor to purely horizontal slider setups.

The High Speed/Ultra Quiet Slide Motor is near silent at normal interview speeds

*Motor Mount required to mount to slider/dolly. 

*High Speed/ Ultra Quiet Slide Motor is only intended for horizontal slider configurations.

*Due to the increased speed of this motor it is recommended that the slider motor set up speed be limited to 500 RPMs within CineShooter/Second Shooter Remote or kOS and that quiet mode with RPMs limited to 500 be enabled when programming directly on a CineShooter or Second Shooter PRO controller. 



High Speed/ Ultra Quiet Slider Motor 
Tool Kit: 
(1) Pulley 
(1)Cable Clip 
(1)12" Cat 5 Cable
(1) 6' Cat 5 Cable

Physical Weight: 1.8 LBS 
Dimensions: 6.5"x2.75"x2.75"
Load Capacity: 35 lbs. Horizontal / Not for use when slider is configured vertically or inclined
Speed: Horizontal 24 Inches Per Second with standard pulley configuration 

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