Shuttle Dolly Ceiling Mount Kit
Shuttle Dolly Ceiling Mount Kit
Shuttle Dolly Ceiling Mount Kit
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Shuttle Dolly Ceiling Mount Kit

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This kit will allow you to mount or suspend our Kwik Rail (or standard speed rail) to a ceiling for getting overhead shots with the Shuttle Dolly. This kit includes a “left” and “right” assembled bracket to make up a “support station”. (2) stations are necessary for operation (select 2 quantity for a full system).

Note: Shuttle Dolly Cart and End Clamps are necessary for operation.

Note: Please contact us for custom heights. Standard height is 24".

Kit Includes:

  • (2) 12” adjustable ceiling mount rail
  • (2) 24” vertical adjustable support
  • Longer lengths available custom order
  • (2) 10” horizontal support
  • (2) Rail support block
  • Hardware to assemble
  • Customer will be responsible for the mounting hardware of the stations to the ceiling.


  • Use Shuttle Dolly End Clamps to set the spacing of the rail
  • Mount the first and last “Support Stations” at the desired rail spacing
  • Hang the rail on the stations
  • Add any middle Support Stations
    • We recommend adding a support station roughly every 5-6’
    • When adjusting middle support stations, we recommend that you slide your Shuttle Dolly Cart to the support station block while it is still loose to set the location and then tighten down the support block
    • Each station is rated for supporting 60 lbs.
  • Use the included safety cable


Kessler is not responsible for mounting to ceiling structure. Make sure you are mounting to a secure structure that is adequate to support the weight of the entire rig. Do not mount to drywall or ceiling tiles. Kessler is not responsible for any damages or injuries that may occur.

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