Motor Kit for Dana Dolly
Motor Kit for Dana Dolly
Motor Kit for Dana Dolly
Motor Kit for Dana Dolly
Motor Kit for Dana Dolly
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Motor Kit for Dana Dolly

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Add Kessler Motion Control (CineShooter and Second Shooter systems) to your Dana Dolly. Compatible with Dana Dolly Original & Universal Track Ends. 

Requires Kessler CineShooter or Second Shooter controller (Pro, Plus, or original).




Motor Pod & Hardware

Belt Clamps (set of 2)

Length of belt selected

6' Cat5 Cable





PLEASE NOTE:  Unlike Kessler’s Shuttle Dolly, which utilizes high tolerance ball bearings and precision machined components at each point of rotation in the system to make a solid solution for both manual operation and motorized use the Dana Dolly was not designed with having a motion control solution added in mind. 

Our testing of the Dana Dolly has found that there can be some issues present when motion control systems are added.  The design for the connection of the wheels and dolly trucks to the platform on the Dana Dolly allows for some play.   This play may result in some unwanted movement in the footage when the Dana Dolly is paired to a robotic system.  This play when operated by hand is often mitigated by the user's input on the camera.

Our testing also found that Dana Dolly's support solution is not the most stable. Dana Dolly's track ends were designed to be compatible with baby pins on c-stands or combo stands with junior pin receivers. These types of stands are designed for supporting static lights rather than a system in motion. They have a long center column raising from a base, that can sway or wobble when weight is moving on them such as it would be with a camera slider. A support system that holds weight in many directions like a tripod is a much more stable solution.

We recommend that if you do motorize the Dana Dolly that precautions be made to add extra support and if possible that an alternative way of connecting the track ends to supports be found.


(1) Motor Pod & Hardware 

(1) Belt Clamps (set of 2) 

(1) Length of Belt Selected

(1) 6' Cat5 Cable

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