K-Pod 7
K-Pod 7
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K-Pod 7" Idler Arm

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Our new 7" Idler Arm Upgrade for our K-Pod™ Track Dolly Trucks allow for improved operation when using the trucks on track that is not perfectly straight or parallel. If there is a slight variance in your track, the Idler Arm allows the trucks to adjust or float in and out to the variance to keep from derailing. Our standard Track Dolly Trucks work very well, but by adding the optional Idler Arm kit they become even more forgiving.

The 7" Idler Arm allows for 14" of movement, and allows the K-Pod Tripod System to be used on standard 24" wide dolly track.

Single Idler Arm Only. Track Dolly Trucks required and sold seperately.

K-Pod 7 Idler Arm
Physical Weight: 2.45 lb
Dimensions: 9" x 3" x 2.5

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