CineShooter-Bundle - Recap of your bundle choices
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CineShooter-Bundle - Recap of your bundle choices

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Head Type Standard
BASE Shuttle Dolly
CineShooter Gold Mount Battery Plate ::cineshooter-gold-mount-battery-plate
Head Mount Kwik Release Receiver V2 + Universal Cheeseplate
Camera Mount None, I already have one or will use the included camera screw
Camera Cable LANC Trigger Cable
Kessler Universal Cheeseplate Kessler Universal Cheeseplate
Roll Axis ::cineshooter-roll-axis
Heavy Duty Support Module-COPY ::cineshooter-hd-support
Case Seahorse SE920F Black Hard Case with Foam
Smart Handle ::cineshooter-smart-handle
Lens Motors Lens Control Motor
Belt Length 12'
Keeper/Grabbers ::shuttle-dolly-keeper-grabber-wheels-w-brake
Motor Mount Shuttle Dolly Motor Mount
Slider Motor Slider Motor
RAIL SUPPORT End Clamps (set of 2)

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