Camera Control Module
Camera Control Module
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Camera Control Module

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The Camera Control Module is an inline interface box between the Oracle Controller and either a slider motor or Pan & Tilt Head. With the Camera Control Module, you are able to access and use the camera control features of the Oracle Controller to be able to trigger a camera. Use this as a remote trigger for your camera or an intervalometer for time-lapses, including Stop-Motion and Shoot-Move-Shoot modes.

Note: As of March 1, 2012 the new version (v2.0) of the Camera Control Module has been released. This update now allows for the control of your camera's exposure with the ORACLE, when your camera is set to Bulb Mode. All new orders will be shipped with v2.0

To verify if you have a CCM with the v2.0 firmware, unscrew the lid and check the white tape on the inside wall. V2 will be marked on the white label.

The Camera Control Module is required for the intervalometer function as well as some other features of the ORACLE Controller.

These features include:
Manual Camera Remote Trigger
Intervalometer Trigger
Shoot-Move-Shoot Time Lapse
Stop Motion Mode
Bulb Mode (new with v2.0)

You will need an ORACLE Controller with firmware version v2.06.1SL or newer and a camera control cable for your camera. The Camera Control Module comes with your choice of one camera control cable. Additional cables for other cameras can be purchased separately.

Chart showing which cables are required for the various cameras can be found below under the Technical Specs.

To upgrade your Camera Control Module to v2.0, you will need to place an order on the website for the upgrade and send in your Camera Control Module. The upgrade is free, however shipping costs still apply.

Note that all new orders for Camera Control Modules ship with v2.0

Camera Control Module
Physical Weight: .5 LBS
Dimensions: 5.25"x3"x1.25"

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