12ft Crane Upgrade (Mid Section) - T bar control rod
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12ft Crane Upgrade (Mid Section) - T bar control rod

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For the ultimate shot enthusiast, Kessler Crane® provides a 12 foot upgrade. Combine this extension kit with your 5 1/2 foot crane and the long tip or your 8 foot crane to convert your Kessler Crane® to its 12ft height. With a 4 foot midsection piece and a support cable system, this rig can take the weight of your production grade camera and still give you those breathtaking overheads. Don't worry the set up is still quick and easy.
12 FT. Crane Upgrade -Mid Section
1 Mid Section Frame
Support Cables with 2 Upright Supports, 2 Coupler Bars, and Knobs

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