KillShock Recon
KillShock Recon
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KillShock Recon

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The KillShock Recon is a 1/5th Scale large RC buggy shooting platform with an integrated modular isolator system that removes micro-vibrations, especially when paired with a gimbal. KillShock Recon allows filmmakers to get unique shots that may be unsafe or next to impossible to achieve using other methods. This system is ideal for chase, follow and side profile shooting from lower angles and is perfect for shooting sports, cars, wildlife, music videos and much much more.

PLEASE NOTE: KillShock Recon units are built to order, orders are expected to ship within 7-14 days after being placed.


Isolator: The Recon’s mounting plate features interchangeable Shock Modules (same modules as the full-size KillShock) that can be swapped out adjust from smaller payloads to larger payloads. The Killshock Recon mounting plate features numerous hole patterns including Ronin 2 with DJI universal mount, MoVi Toad in the Hole, Ronin S with DJI universal mount, numerous other gimbals, most Kessler gear, gold mount, and v-mount battery plates along with almost any gear via1/4-20 or 3/8-16 threaded holes.

The mounting plate features mounting positions in the middle and an end of the plate for Ronin 2 and MoVi i (M5/M10/M15/Pro) toad in the hole which allows you to center the weight in the front, middle or rear depending on which orientation used. The KillShock Recon modules can be mixed and matched to achieve a tuned payload and come in multiple strengths. KillShock modules come in Blue Light Duty, Red Standard Duty, Black Heavy Duty, and Matte Black Extreme Heavy Duty. These modules have three cables each which can be combined in endless combinations within the Shock Modules to achieve the perfect balance for different payloads. For example:

Black/Red/Black and so forth.

Additional Shock Modules can also be implemented if using heavier front or rear payloads by installing the included Shock Modules along the front and side of the Recon plate and then using the additional black Shock Modules along the rear.

The KillShock Recon comes with 6x Shock modules in a custom Red/Black/Red cable configuration which is the recommended combination for use with a MoVi Pro or Ronin 2 with a compact cinema camera and prime lens.


Base Platform: KillShock Recon is based on the highly popular Losi DBXL-E V2 RC Buggy. It has been modified with new heavy-duty upgraded coil springs on each of the four shock towers. Locations for several key components have also been reconfigured for compatibility and the stock body cover and spoiler have been removed. The LED headlight bar system has been moved to the front of the buggy for night shooting and additional visibility.


Power: The Recon Standard comes with standard Lipo battery trays and can be powered by Lipo 14.8v 4S batteries (not included).

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