KillShock Mini
KillShock Mini
KillShock Mini
KillShock Mini
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KillShock Mini

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kill shock

The KillShock Mini is a great solution for removing micro vibrations when shooting from vehicles (cars, bikes, boats, etc). Compatible with compact gimbals (Ronin S, Moza Air, Movi M5, Zhiyun-Tech, etc) as well as direct mounting of DSLRs, Mirrorless and compact video cameras.

The KillShock Mini features:
  • 8” suction cup base with a hold rating of 175lbs
  • 4x 1” tether points on the bottom plate for ratchet strap tie downs
  • Holes for carabiner safety wire
  • 4x built-in handles
  • 4x Shock Module Blocks with Blue Light Duty shock modules pre-installed.
  • Optional Red Medium Duty Shock Module Blocks.
  • Option to add a third cable per shock module via the Fine Tuning Kit Add-On.
  • Mounting holes for Ronin S universal adapter, Kessler HD angle plate, Kessler Kwik Release Receiver, Movi Toad in The Hole (Movi M5 use), mounting holes for speed rail clamps and much much more.
(1) KillShock Mini with KillShock Mini light duty blue shock modules installed
Selected Options
Weight (KillShock Mini Isolator and Suction Cup) : 4.7 lbs
Weight (Suction Cup) : 2.31 lbs
Weight (KillShock Mini Isolator) : 2.39 lbs
Suction Cup Diameter : 8"
KillShock Mini Isolator Plate Diameter : 7.5"
Height (KillShock Mini Isolator and Suction Cup) : 10.5"

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