KillShock Isolator System
KillShock Isolator System
KillShock Isolator System
KillShock Isolator System
KillShock Isolator System
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KillShock Isolator System

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The Kessler KillShock is used to remove camera vibration when shooting from vehicles like cars, boats, ATVs by isolating shock away from the camera via a set of shock modules. The isolator is based on a set of 8 modules with each containing 3 shock cables per module as it allows for proper weight distribution around the entire surface of the isolator and not just the corners. The KillShock comes standard with a set of 8 Medium Duty (Red) shock modules pre-installed, but it works with 8, 6, 4 or 3 modules to fine tune for your payload requirements. There are also two additional options for shock modules available, Light Duty (Blue) and Heavy Duty (Black), which can be combined to create the perfect blend of isolation. The KillShock is compatible with a variety of mounting options and it can even be used in inversion mode with an optional add-on kit.




Unseen Mounting Versatility

The KillShock top plate features numerous mounting options. They include a built-in Mitchell Mount with 4 keyways integrated right into the top plate, a similar center mounting pattern as our popular Shuttle Dolly system which allows for a 100mm bowl insert or a cheeseplate insert, as well as built-in mounting points for Freefly's Toad in the Hole, the MoVI XL to Mitchell adapter, and DJI's Ronin 2 Universal Mount. We have also made the top plate compatible with Kessler's HD Angle Plate to allow for leveling the camera when using the KillShock in Hostess Tray Mode (vertically mounted) or when hard mounting a camera directly. There are also numerous 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 tapped holes for mounting accessories like handles as well as tethering and other needs.

The bottom plate features 1” tether strap points which extend away from the base allowing for easy attachment of ratchet straps and safety wire. The bottom plate also features a similar center mounting pattern as the top plate so you can mount the KillShock with the Kessler Mitchell Boss adapter with Castle Nut, Center Cheese-plate or via the 100mm ball mount when combined with the center cheese-plate. The 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 tapped and through holes on the bottom plate allows the mounting of support arms, baby pin to 3/8-16, speed rail clamps, mounting hardware, etc. to mount the KillShock in hundreds of different ways.

An inversion kit option is available which allows the KillShock to be underslung from a jib, crane, Shuttle Dolly or other camera support.

Interchangeable Shock Modules for extreme fine tuning

KillShock features interchangeable shock modules that can be set up as 3, 4, 6 or 8 modules. These modules come in three strengths: Light (DSLR and hardmounting), Standard (shooting with MoVI Pro or Ronin with RED, C300, etc.) and Heavy duty (MoVI XL, Ronin 2 with Red, Alexa Mini, or Phantom with zoom or heavy cine primes). These modules can also be combined with the various strengths to achieve the exact payload displacement and strength you need. Lastly, you can swap out individual shock cables (3 cables per module) and combine the strengths needed for each module. If a user has all three sets of shock modules the KillShock then has over 1000 payload permutations allowing for the greatest amount of tuning capability.

Optional items:

Pre-loaded shock modules (can mix and match. Can be bought individually or in sets of 3, 4, 6 or 8)

Blue Light Duty: for DSLR, smaller Digital Cine Cameras or hard mounted camera without a gimbal

Red Medium Duty/Standard: for packages like a Red, C300, heavy DLSRs with Cine primes with a gimbal like a MoVI M5/M10/M15/Pro, Ronin/Ronin M/Ronin MX

Black Heavy Duty: RED, Alexa Mini, Ursa Mini Pro, Phantom Flex, etc. package with cine zoom, heavy primes and a large gimbal like a MoVI XL or Ronin 2

Mitchell Boss with Castle Nut (for mounting KillShock to Mitchell based tripods, cranes, jibs, sliders and dolly systems)

Kessler Universal Cheeseplate (can mount on top or bottom plate) with MoVI TITH pattern, Ronin 2 tapped pattern, 3/8-16 & 1/4-20 tapped holes

100mm bowl adapter top mount (for 100mm heads etc.)

100mm bowl for inversion mounting on cranes, sliders, dollies, etc. Note: 100 bowl must be coupled with Kessler Universal Cheeseplate via 3/8-16)

Kessler HD Angle Plate with swivel (for leveling camera with rotational adjustments) or when using KillShock mounted to door in Hostess Tray mode.

Kessler HD Angle Plate without Swivel (same as above minus rotation adjustment)

Air Bladder Tube Insert for extra fine tuning, uses bike/air pump (pump not included)


kill shock


(1) KillShock Top Plate
(1) KillShock Bottom Plate 
(8) KillShock Red Medium Duty/Standard Pre-Loaded Shock Modules 

Cable diameters (no load - load): 14.25" - 14.75"
Top plate diameter: 9"
Bottom plate diameter: 13.25"
Bottom plate diameter w/o tether point: 11.95"
Top/bottom plate thickness: 0.4375"
Height: 5"
Weight: 7.5 lbs

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