18 ft. Crane Upgrade Kit
18 ft. Crane Upgrade Kit
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18 ft. Crane Upgrade Kit

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The Kessler 18' Upgrade Kit will upgrade your 12' Kessler Crane to an 18' crane, giving a total reach of 13.5 feet. Included in the upgrade kit is the Extension Section, 18' Tail Extension, 18' Cable Supports and Cable Kits. You must have a 12' Kessler Crane with the Heavy Duty (square) Control Rods, & 'V3' Mounting Plate. The 'V3' mounting plate is identified by the "V3" engraving in the top of the mounting plate (plate used to mount the crane to the tripod head).

Max. Camera Weight: 20 pounds

Safety Precautions

  • Maximum Camera Weight: 20 pounds
  • Only use with the Kessler Hercules 2.0 (or newer) head with the ball leveling locked out, by flipping over the cup washer.
  • NEVER attempt manual tilt with the 18’ configuration. Hercules 2.0 manual tilt should be locked with pin lock.
  • ALWAYS use the complete double truss cable support system and Tail Extension that comes with the 18‘ Upgrade kit.
  • NEVER use standard weight bar system with 18’ configuration. MUST have V3 mounting plate & Heavy Duty Control Rods.
  • NEVER exceed maximum weight capacity of crane, tripod legs or fluid head.
  • ALWAYS use common sense and follow Kessler Crane recommended safety procedures while operating crane.
  • Contact Kessler Crane with any questions concerning the safe operation of this crane.


If you currently have a KC-8 and need the 12' Upgrade, Heavy Duty Control Rods or need to upgrade to the 'V3' Mounting Plate, you can order those accessories HERE


18 FT. Crane Upgrade Kit
1 Extension Section and Tail Extensions
18' Cable support with Kits (Includes knobs and 18' upright supports, 2 frame coupler bars with knobs, 1 control rod coupler bar with knobs)
Physical Weight: 12 LB
Dimensions: 48.5"x11.5"x2.5

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