Second Shooter PRO Slide, Pan, Tilt System


This bundle is the “starter pack” to motion control, and contains a Second Shooter Pro controller, and your choice of motor. Choose from a slider motor, a 2-axis pan/tilt motor, or a 3-axis slider, pan/tilt head motor combo. Don’t have a slider? No problem. You can add one on, along with your choice of cabling and accessories.

The Starter Bundle is designed to give you an easy, all-in-one kit to begin shooting motion controlled shots right away. The Second Shooter system is modular in design, so upgrading and expanding your system with additional motor axes and accessories is super easy and grows with you as you delve deeper into more complex motion control.


  • Improved ergonomic controller body design
  • Multiple ways to power your system with new Lemo 2-pin Power Connector + 12V AC power connections
  • Significantly improved extended range WiFi antenna (Over 200 ft. operational range)
  • Second Shooter Remote companion mobile app integration with expanded features and shooting modes (Available for iOS, and coming soon for Android)
  • New, smoother and more efficient bezier-based motion (Via Second Shooter Remote app)
  • Up to 10 keyframes per axis (Via Second Shooter Remote or kOS software)
  • Bluetooth device support with wireless PS4 controller operation (Via Second Shooter Remote app)
  • Automated, wireless firmware updates for your Second Shooter Pro hardware (Via Second Shooter Remote app)
  • Accelerometer-based mimic mode**
  • Facial tracking mode**
  • Magnetic Mount for compatibility with Second Shooter system and accessories
  • More durable, impact-resistant enclosure
  • kOS software support on Mac, PC, and iPad devices
  • Updated control surface with larger, intuitive interface for ease of use
  • Quiet Mode for audio-sensitive environments
  • SurgeTech for improved motor speed and torque

** Mimic and Facial tracking modes coming soon

August 26, 2020 - kOS for iPad now supported, download here


The Second Shooter Pro controller provides up to 3 axes of control— but by simply bridging two Second Shooter Pro controllers together (or a Second Shooter Pro with a Second Shooter Plus), you’re able to control up to 6 axes at one time with as many as 10 keyframes each.

This opens up endless creative possibilities with more complex, custom motion control camera movements by mixing and matching different “recipes” of pan, tilt, slide, focus, iris, zoom ,and turntable motors to control even more advanced camera moves.


Whether you’re a one-man-band using your Second Shooter for simple interviews with the Second Shooter Pro controller, or you're programming multi-keyframe time-lapse moves through the Second Shooter Remote App, operating your camera through the PS4 controller, shooting complicated 6-axis camera moves through dual bridged Second Shooter Pro controllers, or you are in need of ultimate control with ultra-fine control over your complex cinematic shot using kOS— the Second Shooter system is as flexible as you need it to be.

Second Shooter PRO 3 Axis Bundle
Second Shooter PRO Controller
Slider Motor
Extra Pulley (Small size)
Pan & Tilt Axis w/ Camera Screw
AC (Wall) Power Supply
(3) CAT5 Cables
Camera Control Cable Extension
Micro USB Cable

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