The Kessler Kwik Plate Adapter for MōVI M5 replaces your MōVI camera mounting plate and its receiver and allows you to swap your camera from the Kessler Kwik Release Receiver on your slider or Second Shooter to your MōVI and vice versa without needing to switch camera mounting plates. No more waiting on plate removal and swaps in the field. Simply pop off your camera off your slider and lock it down on your MōVI within seconds. The Kessler receiver installs in less than 10 minutes (and lives on your MōVI) and offers the same clamping power as the stock MōVI plate receiver. The plate also features a safety latch so your camera cannot slide off the MōVI forward or backward. Our MōVI Kwik Plates offer multiple camera screw mounting points in both 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 so it will fit any camera mounting hole pattern. The Kessler MōVI Kwik Plate Adapter also has provisions for 15mm rod support and uses standard 1/4-20 screws to both mount the rods and the support.

Currently only available for MōVI M5.

(1) Kwik Plate Adapter for MōVI M5 (2) 3mm x 8mm button head screws (1) 2.5mm allen wrench (1) 2.0mm allen wrench (1) 1.5mm allen wrench (1) 5/32 allen wrench

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