The Kessler KC-Lite 8.0 has been designed to be the best "economy" crane on the market. For the filmmaker shooting on a tight budget, using a lighter digital video or DSLR camera under 10 pounds, we feel the KC-Lite is the highest quality camera crane / jib in the sub $400 price range. Based off the design of our standard dual-rail KC series of camera cranes, the KC-Lite is a 100% tool-less, single rail crane that is light-weight and portable, yet has the heft where it counts like the 3/8" thick ultra rigid mounting plate. No flimsy sheet metal here! Unlike other cranes in this price range the KC-Lite mounts to your fluid head in a way that utilizes the fluid drag of the head's pan and tilt giving the best control and fluid like movements in all 3 modes of crane operation (manual tilt, fixed-angle mode, & automatic mode).

The KC-Lite is not a replacement for our standard dual-rail camera cranes. We still believe the dual-rail design of our standard line of camera cranes is the best option for superior strength and eliminating the dreaded side to side sway that is common with single rail jib cranes. However, we understand there are filmmakers that need a light weight "budget" jib solution, so we feel we have designed the KC-Lite to be the best in the "budget" category (under $400).

If you are shooting with a larger camera (up to 25 pounds) and want the most stable and affordable camera crane, check out our standard dual rail camera cranes (KC-5.5, KC-8, & KC-12/8).



Download Instruction Manual

Basic Assembly Video


- 100% tool-less setup.
- 360 degree rotation.
- Internal oil impregnated sleeve bearings insure incredible smoothness.
- Constructed of high grade 6061 aluminum.
- Very rigid 3/8" thick mounting platform and heavy duty control rod.
- Coated with a flat black non-reflective powder coat finish.
- Manual, fixed-angle mode, & automatic camera tilt control.
- Utilizes the drag control of your fluid head for the smoothest tilt and pan movement.
- Uses standard household style exercise weights. (NOT Included)
- Lightweight and breaks down into two easily transported sections.
- All parts are precision made and held to +/- .005" tolerances.

KC Lite 8.0 (Crane Only)
1 Large Coupler Bar with 2 Knobs
(<- Tool-less Pack ->)
Control Rod Coupler Bar with 2 Knobs
1 Camera Screw
3 Fine Tuning Weights with 1 Quick Collar Weight/Knob
Weight: 12.5 LB
Length: 8FT (2.4M)
Folded/Compacted Length: 48" (122CM)
Distance from Tripod to Camera: 5.5FT (1.7M)
Total Vertical Movement: 120"
Circular Travel: 126"
Counterweight Requirements: 7.5LBS + (1.8 x Payload Weight)
Dimensions: 101" x 8" x 8"

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