CineShooter Bundle
CineShooter Bundle
CineShooter Bundle
CineShooter Bundle
CineShooter Bundle
CineShooter Bundle
CineShooter Bundle
CineShooter Bundle
CineShooter Bundle
CineShooter Bundle
Built to be one of the highest-end motion control systems available, CineShooter is a culmination of 10+ years of motion control development backed by some of the best shooters in the industry. Choose from more than nine different modes and tons of different configurations to achieve the perfect motorized camera move.


  • Nodal Pan & Tilt head
  • Arca-Swiss base mount
  • Fully adjustable Arca-Swiss mounting platform to achieve nodal center
  • All-aluminum chassis
  • Impact-resistant housing
  • Weight Capacity: 15 lbs. (25 lbs. with Heavy Duty Support Module) and 8” in width
  • Head weight: 5.4 lbs.
  • Up to 5 axes of control on-board (2 internal, and 3 external)


  • Onboard control surface with joystick and display interface
  • Kessler kOS Software (iPad, Mac OS, Windows)
  • CineShooter Remote Mobile App (iPhone, iPad and Android)
  • FreeMotion (organic keyframing with the use of Smart Handle)
    [Due to the High Torque, low gear drive ratio, the Smart Handle is not compatible with the Cineshooter Macro]
  • PS4 and XBOX controller operation with fully custom button mapping
  • Client Mode (allows for location-based WiFi connectivity)
  • DMC Protocol for real-time moves through third-party developers
  • Third-party support for Alpha Wheels
  • Third-party support for Dragonframe


  • Live Motion (for programmed or manual moves)
  • Timelapse Mode with a built-in intervalometer
  • Stop Motion Mode to capture interval frames for stop motion animation
  • FreeMotion Mode (when activated “relaxes” the motors, and allows the user to freely hand-position the camera to program keyframes)
  • Silent Mode quietly operates motors for sound-sensitive situations
  • Fast Mode for specialty VFX shots, high frame rate, and fast camera motion
  • GigaPixel (setup huge panoramic shots easily)
  • Multi-Lapse (simultaneously shoot up to 3 timelapses at one time)
  • Event Mode (program specific targets and move transitions to switch to and from for live events)
  • Facial Tracking Mode (requires mobile phone and CineShooter Remote App) [coming soon]
  • Emulation Mode provides a “mimic” action utilizing the accelerometer of your phone to translate pan and tilt motion to the head


  • 12v DC LEMO 2 Pin Power
  • 5.5mm x 2.1mm 12v Barrel Connector for MagPak
  • Optional V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plate



CineShooter Head Only

1x CineShooter Pan & Tilt Head 1x Adjustable Arca-Swiss Mounting L-Bracket

1x Power Port Cover (Installed)

1x 12V 5A Power Supply with 5.5x2.1mm Barrel (Center Positive) 

1x 3 Ft. USB-C Cable 1x 12V AC Power Cable

1x 1/4"-20 Camera Screw  

1x 3/8"-16 Camera Screw 

1x 5/32 Allen Key

1x QuickStart Guide

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