CineShooter vs. Second Shooter Pro

by Tim Hiatt on December 03, 2021
Tired of sorting through features and bullet lists? Here's a quick rundown on our motion control offerings. CineShooter or Second Shooter Pro? In my personal opinion, both are great options. Examining the type of work you do can help determine which would be the solution you are looking for.
Second Shooter Pro is perfect for freelance filmmakers. Someone who wants high-quality motion control, but doesn't need every feature and a high weight capacity. The pan and tilt head is smaller which makes packing and traveling a bit easier. Second Shooter Pro is also no slouch if you are doing studio work achieving super precise movements. It's a natural fit if you're working with DLSRs or mirrorless cameras!

Want the best of the best? CineShooter is the bleeding edge of Kessler's technology. It is a great companion for those specializing in motion control and doing specialized moco work. It is a true nodal head design for the toughest compositions and comes packed with features that stem from over 10 years of customer feedback. Handling up to 25 lbs. opens the system up for use with larger camera rigs. 

Either system will provide you with many easy to use options for control. Both Second Shooter Pro and CineShooter have physical, onboard controls, iOS and Android remote apps, and are compatible with Kessler's fully-fledged, feature-rich kOS software. Plenty of options for you to find the workflow that fits your needs the most.
Still not sure which might be the better fit for you? Learn more about Second Shooter Pro here and CineShooter here.

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