Kessler Crane Soft Case
Kessler Crane Soft Case
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Kessler Crane Soft Case

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Make your transportation easier with the newly redesigned Kessler Crane® Soft Case! This case is custom made for the Kessler Crane®. The new model has a rigid Masonite padded floor. The foam lined top and sides keep their soft shape and ensure the protection of your equipment. A removable V-shaped “taco” divider creates three separate sections, each piece of your 12 foot crane can be easily placed in it’s own padded slot. No more scratches from rubbing together! If you have opted for the 8 foot crane, use the extra space to house your extra accessories. We have included a utility pouch with a velcro flap on the front. Use this 12” by 18” wide pocket to carry your tools, extra plates, light weights...whatever you need! With less surface area than the old model, the Kessler Crane® soft case makes shooting on location with your Crane a snap!

Kessler Crane Soft Case
Physical Weight: 7.5 LB
Dimensions: 50"x12"x13

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